1. Kerouac won what sort of scholarship to Columbia University?


2. Where was Kerouac born?

Lowell, North Carolina
Lowell, Massachusetts
Lowell, Ohio
Lowell, Oregon

3. The first line of On the Road is...

I first met Dean not long after my wife and I split up.
I first met Carlo not long after my brother split up from his wife.
I first met Terry not long after my wife arrived in New York.
I first met Jack not long after my brother and I split up.

4. The last words of On The Road are…

I dream of Dean Moriarty.
I think of Dean Moriarty.
I remember Dean Moriarty.
I recall Dean Moriarty.

5. Early in On The Road, Montana Slim and Sal hit the bars in Cheyenne during Wild West Week – how does Sal try to pick up a pretty Mexican waitress in a chili joint?

He writes a poem on a napkin
He writes a poem on a postcard
He writes a poem on a cigarette packet
He writes a poem on the back of the bill

6. The New York Times review of On The Road said: "The hot pursuit of pleasure enables Mr Kerouac to serve up great, raw slices of America that give his book a descriptive excitement unmatched since the days of…" who?

Thomas Wolfe
F Scott Fitzgerald
John Steinbeck
Theodore Dreiser

7. How many times did Kerouac marry?


8. The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics can be found at which university??

University of Denver
Colorado State
University of Colorado
Naropa University

9. Which one of these is not a book by Jack Kerouac?

The Dharma Bums
Big Sur
Desolation Angels
Nova Express

10. Jack Kerouac was arrested in association with the murder of whom?

David Kammerer
Lucien Carr
Herbert Huncke
Edie Parker